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Conditional Format Object

Conditional format object is used for defining conditional formatting rules.


formulaStringCondition rule. Can include AND, OR, ==, !=, >, >=, <,<=, -, +, *, /, isNaN(), !isNaN(). #value is used for referring to the value of the cell in the condition. Example: '#value > 3'.
formatObjectStyle object applied if the cell value meets the condition. Set color value as hex color codes. This is important for exports to PDF and Excel.
idNumberoptional Identifier in the conditional formatting rule. If id is not specified, the id for the rule is set inside the component automatically.
rowNumberoptional Row index where the condition is applied.
columnNumberoptional Column index where the condition is applied.
measureStringoptional Measure name to which the condition will be applied.
isTotalBooleanoptional If undefined, the condition will affect all cells. If true, the condition affects subtotals and totals cells alone. If false it affects only the regular cells.


Add conditional formatting rule: