With the thought of our community, we decided to move our forum to a full-fledged support platform. 

Stack Overflow is a place where our users can also be rewarded for their activity and attention to our tool. (with voting, user badges, reputation points, etc.)  So now, you can ask questions, get answers, share your solutions, and build your expert Stack Overflow profile.

It will also prevent us from duplicated questions on our forum and StackOverflow and will help us to keep our focus on one platform.

Note! 🐞 To report a bug or request features, please use GitHub. That will be the right place to raise a ticket about any product issue you may face.

 ?You may wonder…

What happens with the existing forum and all Q&As?

  • The forum continues to operate in read-only mode. So there is still a good knowledge base for different common questions you may have about the product. Simply search for your query. We’re sure you will find a lot of answers there.

Well, I’m on Stack Overflow. How can I find questions about WebDataRocks?

  • Simply enter [webdatarocks] into the search box and you will see all the list of questions tagged with [webdatarocks].

How do you know about my question? Should I tag them somehow?

  • Yes, It’s better to use the [webdatarocks] tag to let us & the community know that you need some help with our tool. 

Additionally, you also can use other tags to specify the framework or technology you use.

I’ve already asked a question on the website forum. What if I want to continue a thread?

  • We suggest you post the question on Stack Overflow or report the bug on Github and add the reference to the thread from our website.

🤝 Please, don’t hesitate to ask for help from our community! We hope you will have a joyful experience with our product.