Being a web component it’s important to be easily fittable to any web project.

WebDataRocks is as customizable as it’s required by the application where it is embedded.

When you are creating your website or application, the design of the user interface comes as an important part of the developing process. How user-friendly your product is, mostly depends on the design you offer to your users.

Applications with a Dark theme are starting to take place on the market and we have what to offer.

Dark theme lovers, it’s your time now! You can change your report with our prepared dark skin.

We gathered a few reasons that should guide you when it’s better to use the dark theme:

  • To relieve eye strain
  • It’s known that dark layout is better for those pages where you need to focus for a long period of time, in our case – for data analysis.

  • To make your project more elegant
  • Black color is all about power, mystery and prestige. If all these words are about you or your audience – it could be your choice.

  • To fit your branding color scheme
  • When you already have an application based on the dark layout or your dark table will look profitably on the backdrop of your branding palette.

No more words. Just look:

Grid View in the Dark Theme

What is important for data? To be readable. So, look how clearly data looks on the dark layout.

And we should agree, it looks tastefully.

The Field List

Drag & drop fields – it’s intuitive and simple as usual. Gray, black and white colors perfectly deal with showing the hierarchies.

Conditional Formatting

The dark theme allows you to play on contrast. When you want the core value on your grid to be more prominent and highlighted you can set your color for it. Add some clarity to your report.

Now the most interesting part – how to start using the dark skin for your pivot.

Just add this reference:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

Want to get the file locally? – Find it in your package after download.