The Benefits of Open Source Software for Startups

Many believe that open source software gives companies a competitive advantage, and they are not wrong! Open source tech has a ton of benefits, especially for emerging businesses that are just entering the market. In addition to the advantages of open source, startups can also leverage data protection in the cloud to enhance their growth and security.

Open source software is the type of software that is built not by a team of developers from one company, but rather by a community of passionate devs who don’t only build the software themselves, but also keep reviewing it and making changes to it. And today, we’ll tell you how startups can benefit from open source.

Top 6 reasons why open source is a great place to start for startups 

Open source has multiple benefits, but today we’ll cover the 6 most important ones. Here is why you should consider open source business model: 

It’s budget-friendly

It’s always a good idea for any business to save up and not spend the budget on unnecessary expenses, but when it comes to startups, it is even more crucial for them to avoid splurging on something that’s not worth it. Spending your money on something that would not have returned as a major profit can be the reason why the whole business might go down. But what does open source have to do with it?

Proprietary software might be affordable, but it comes with certain expenses that might be too difficult for young businesses to cover. Open source software, on the other hand, is free in the sense that it comes without a license fee and there is no need for you to build anything from scratch. Of course, there will be a need to spend some money on support and maintenance, but overall, a company can save a lot if they go for open-source software.

It reduces vendor lock-in

Open-source tech is a chance to break free from vendor lock-in. When a company is dependent on a single vendor, it becomes less flexible, meaning that adapting to changes in the market and new trends will be much harder. Moreover, depending on the single vendor might put you in an uncomfortable position where the vendor might decide to increase rates, drastically change their services, or even go out of business. All of that poses a great risk to a company, and even more so to a startup that might not bounce back from a situation in which their vendor let them down. Instead of relying on a single vendor, a startup can first use open-source software, and after some time, hire a DevOps outsourcing service provider to optimize the infrastructure and automate business processes. 

It’s customizable

With open-source software, there are no limitations. You can modify it, remove unwanted features, and even create your own versions of software that will suit your business needs and goals. 

Open-source software can be a powerful tool for businesses since it is up to you to change it in any way you want. And the best part is that you are not constrained by any limitations – open source software can be easily adjusted to the ever-changing market, which makes it a perfect and flexible solution for startups.

It offers fast results

Open source software is a collaborative effort, meaning that the whole community of developers can contribute to the code and offer changes. A collaborative environment opens up numerous opportunities for continuous improvement, which means that it will be much easier for businesses to deliver their products and better versions of them. Collaboration speeds up delivery, and all of that comes at no additional cost. 

It automatically includes community support

As we mentioned before, open source is available to the public eye, since it is most of the time supported and maintained by the whole community of devs. This can be scary for some businesses, but there is actually nothing to be afraid of. Just imagine that – a group of fantastic professionals who are passionate about coding will be constantly reviewing the code, looking for possible security issues, and finding even more room for improvement and new features. 

It gives you a chance to start small

Open source allows you to start right here and right now at no extra cost. In the beginning, you can just start with the tech that’s already been reviewed and modified by the community, and as your business grows, you will be able to transition to a different solution or platform that is supported by a commercial vendor.

Open source is the right choice

Even a few years ago many business owners would have told you that the idea of building an open source company is ridiculous. However, these days everything is different. Having an open source company gives you leverage, and you can use it to build a better business and constantly improve it.