Great news! WebDataRocks pivot is available for Flutter

Of course, we could not walk by the latest technological novelty for passionate developers. 

We are glad to present a new WebDataRocks Pivot Grid integration with Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is known to be the most solid cross-platform application development instrument. High performance and development speed is achieved through unique techniques.

  • Firstly, a declarative approach based on components inspired by the ReactJS web framework is used to build the UI.
  • Secondly, Flutter is based on the programming language Dart that is compiled into binary code. The speed of operations can be compared to Swift, Java, or Objective-C. 

So, Flutter is the best solution to build beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

Any core features listed?

Yes, there are many to highlight!

  • As was mentioned earlier, with Flutter you can create cross-platform software. This lies in the heart of Flutter logic, so every user can use your product equally comfortably with less developer’s effort. There is no need to have support for desktop, mobile, and web platforms separately, as you need to write code only once on Flutter. The cross-platform’s advantage gets even more noticeable when it comes to development of new features and the need to make updates for each platform arises. With Flutter you can make changes once and for all.
  • UI rendering is perfect to the last pixel in Flutter. This was achieved by powerful engine handling painting at runtime and Skia for graphics. 
  • Only one programming language – Dart – is used. It facilitates the development of cross-platform applications and provides a well-developed technical base. But Dart has its own features too, like an Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) and a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, that make hot-reloading  and hot-restarting possible.

Looking for a pivot grid for your Flutter project?

WebDataRocks is a comfortable solution for embedding data visualization into your application. The integration process is not difficult, we have a 5-step tutorial on how to add WebDataRocks into your project. 

Start with cloning the repository with following commands and all dependencies:

git clone
cd pivot-flutter
dart pub get

Then connect it to your device. Learn in docs how to configure Android and iOS devices.

Then simply run the project via console: 

flutter run

Now you can enjoy our classic demo built with the Flutter framework! To learn more, visit the documentation page.