The best way to succeed in the field of data science or data analytics is to complete structured courses designed by industry experts. 

And here is why. 

The primary value of such courses is that you learn the subject in a logically organized way. 

But courses shouldn’t stand alone. When coupled with real-life projects, they help you to get a deeper knowledge of how everything works.

Another advantage of such courses is that you can learn everything at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Modern courses allow you to be truly flexible. There is no room for “no-time” excuses – you are free to make a learning schedule that suits you the best. No less important is interaction with the community of peers who are in the same boat as you are. By getting into thematic discussions on forums, you can move forward noticeably faster.  

To simplify your way to developing an intuition behind algorithmic techniques, statistical and mathematical concepts, and master programming skills, we’ve picked for you the best-in-class free data analytics and data science online courses that deliver the most current knowledge and cover cutting edge models and techniques. During the completion, you’ll be given a chance to gain hands-on experience with coding assignments and solve real-world business problems

Let’s dive in!

Data Science Courses

Data Science and Analysis Learning paths

Another way to start data science and analytics journeys is with tracks on There are a lot of awesome career paths available:

DataCamp also has to offer comprehensive career tracks in data science and analytics. Check them out: 

During all these missions, you’ll face exciting challenges as well as get the intuition behind the basic concepts, apply statistical and ML models to real-world scenarios, and master programming in Python or R

Data Science Specializations

Since many courses simply bombard you with the theory, we’ve selected only those that contain practical coding exercises and help to build a solid foundation of maths and statistics behind data science and analytics. All of them are created by professional data scientists who are eager to share their knowledge and simply teach you complex concepts.

We do hope you’ll find the best fit for you, get enough soft and hard skills and create a stunning portfolio to kickstart your career.