Now you have added WebDataRocks to the web application and connected to your data source. When you make some changes such as sorting, formatting, adding/removing columns, etc, it is possible to save the changes. You can save your current layout by going to the Save tab ( menu_save ) in the Toolbar. This will save your report with all the configurations. The report will be saved locally on your computer in JSON format. Later you can open this report in WebDataRocks and see your previous configurations on the grid.

How to open the previously saved report

  • On the Toolbar, choose Open > Local report and select a JSON file with the report which you have saved earlier.
  • If you uploaded your report file to the server and it is available by the URL, choose Open > Load remote and enter this URL.

Another possibility would be to specify a path to your report file while embedding WebDataRocks.


var pivot = new WebDataRocks({
	container: "#wdr-component",
	toolbar: true,
	// replace this URL with your report file
	report: ""