With WebDataRocks, you can easily colorize cells inside a pivot table. This feature is useful for a number of cases:

  • highlighting trends
  • showing the best or the worst results
  • making your reports look brighter

You can choose different colors for different rules: feel free to add as many rules as you need. Along with choosing colors, you can change font family and size.

How to colorize cells

  1. On the Toolbar, choose Format > Conditional formatting.
  2. Select the plus-sign icon.
  3. Choose a value that you want to colorize (e.g. Price). If necessary, you can choose all values at once.
  4. Add a rule, for example, “Less than 100” will apply the changes to all the cells with a value less than 100.
  5. Select colors for the text and background, change the font if necessary.
  6. Press the Apply button to see nice colorful cells on the grid.

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