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We’re Moving to Stack Overflow

With the thought of our community, we decided to move our forum to a full-fledged support platform. 

Stack Overflow is a place where our users can also be rewarded for their activity and attention to our tool. (with voting, user badges, reputation points, etc.)  So now, you can ask questions, get answers, share your solutions, and build your expert Stack Overflow profile.

It will also prevent us from duplicated questions on our forum and StackOverflow and will help us to keep our focus on one platform.

 ?You may wonder…

What happens with the existing forum and all Q&As?

  • The forum continues to operate in read-only mode. So there is still a good knowledge base for different common questions you may have about the product. Simply search for your query. We’re sure you will find a lot of answers there.

Well, I’m on Stack Overflow. How can I find questions about WebDataRocks?

  • Simply enter [webdatarocks] into the search box and you will see all the list of questions tagged with [webdatarocks].

How do you know about my question? Should I tag them somehow?

  • Yes, It’s better to use the [webdatarocks] tag to let us & the community know that you need some help with our tool. 

Additionally, you also can use other tags to specify the framework or technology you use.

I’ve already asked a question on the website forum. What if I want to continue a thread?

  • We suggest you post the question on Stack Overflow and add the reference to the thread from our website.

See you all on Stack Overflow!

The last update of WebDataRocks pivot table brought a lot of new tweaks that improved reporting a lot. It didn’t take long for us to prepare a new stack of features for flawless data visualization and analysis.

All along we’ve been working on extending our product’s integration opportunities, thus you will find new advancements to match new libraries and technologies. Being more specific, we made new integrations with Django, Jupyter Notebook & amCharts.

Get ready to learn more.??

WebDataRocks Pivot Table with Python 

We couldn’t overlook Python developers, as this language is so widely used for developing different web apps and software. It’s also the core for scientific reporting, statistical analysis, and far more. Thus, we made it possible to work with our web reporting tool. 

We provide you with the two most common scenarios where we think the pivot table could be perfectly used.

☝️ Pivot Table for Django

It’s well-known how the Django framework is loved for its wide range of features and ease of programming. With this in mind we made the way to integrate the pivot table with Django as simple as the framework requires.

Our team prepared a guide and a ready-to-use sample on GitHub that can be run with a few code lines.

Now you can easily create configurable and interactive reports with pivot based on your business data and share it with users directly from your Django application. 

✌️ Pivot Table for Jupyter Notebook 

The Jupyter Notebook, a spin-off project from the IPython, is used for creating visualizations, calculations and analytics. Well, it sounds like a perfect match for WebDataRocks. Why don’t we use them both (WebdataRocks and Jupiter) to empower the visualization process and somehow to save your time for data aggregation? We offer a totally new but effective approach to render WebDataRocks Pivot Table in the Notebook’s cell to get the immediate result. No need for new code lines to manipulate data.

Yes, it’s  that simple. 

All you need is just go with the GitHub project we prepared and follow some steps. Then play with your data the way you want, results are on you.

WebDataRocks with amCharts 

This charting library has caught our attention because of its stylish design and variety of charts it offers that could spice up nicely any report.

The other value that should be stressed out is that as input, some charts need to accept already aggregated data, here is where our component will especially come in handy. It works as follows: you take your dataset, then pivot, calculate it the way you need with WebDataRocks, and after – send prepared data to charts. All is done on the fly. It’s undoubtedly а win-win process.

Our JavaScript Pivot tool could be integrated with any charts but for the most used ones, we support our users with connectors to make the integration effortless. For integration with amCharts, we do the same. Now you can easily use both our libraries to create interactive and insightful reports, set up elegant dynamic dashboards, and visualize your data the way you see it.

We prepared the connector and detailed tutorial.

But first, let’s take a look at the demo:

See the Pen Dashboard with amCharts & WebDataRocks Pivot Table by WebDataRocks (@webdatarocks) on CodePen.

In hope, you will find it useful and these new features will cheer you up these days. 

Stay tuned for further updates!

? All you need to start using the latest version:

  1. Download the pivot table library.
  2. Check the documentation about:

Being a web component it’s important to be easily fittable to any web project.

WebDataRocks is as customizable as it’s required by the application where it is embedded.

When you are creating your website or application, the design of the user interface comes as an important part of the developing process. (more…)

When you need to convert data into a readable format and present it in a report that allows you to get the profit of this data – then you need to look for web-based reporting tools. (more…)

By downloading or using WebDataRocks web reporting tool, you are agreeing to the terms below. Please read them carefully to be aware of all conditions and obligations.


1.1 WebDataRocks is provided free of charge and may be used by you for any legal purpose. Despite no charge for the product, there are a number of conditions for using this tool.

1.2 Your data file should not exceed 1MB.

1.3 You can freely use WebDataRocks license for your or your client’s commercial project (adding to the commercial website, for example).

1.4 It is forbidden to distribute, sublicense and sell copies of WebDataRocks. Any reproduction or redistribution of our product not in accordance with the Licensing Terms is expressly prohibited by law and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. In case you are interested to use the product for commercial distribution, please contact licensing@webdatarocks.com


2.1 WebDataRocks web reporting tool is protected by copyright. The copyright and the permission notice are included in WebDataRocks source code.

2.2 You will not have any proprietary rights in and to the WebDataRocks tool and agree that the Licensor (WebDataRocks) retains all copyrights and other proprietary rights in and to the WebDataRocks product.

2.3 The structure, organization, and code of WebDataRocks web reporting tool are considered as the valuable trade secrets and confidential information. You agree not to decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the product.

2.4 Any attempt to copy, clone, modify or alter in any way WebDataRocks scripts without the WebDataRocks’ approval is strictly prohibited.


WebDataRocks warrants that:

3.1 The product does not contain any malware, viruses or routine, intentionally designed by the Licensor to disable a computer program or computer instructions that may alter, destroy or inhibit the processing environment.

3.2 WebDataRocks does not infringe upon or violate any intellectual property right of any third party.

3.3 WebDataRocks does not and cannot warrant the performance or results Licensee (You) may obtain by using our product. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of WebDataRocks web reporting tool remains with the Licensee.


4.1 In no event will the Licensor be liable for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever or any consequential, indirect, incidental damages, or any lost profits or lost savings, even if the Licensor has been advised of the possibility of such loss, damages, claims or costs or for any claim by any third party.

4.2 In no event will the Licensee be liable to the Licensor on condition that the Licensee complies with all terms and conditions stated in this License.

Just think of how often we need to make a report quickly to analyze our business data to see trends, reveal patterns, optimize different processes, etc.

Yes, in a lot of cases we can use Excel. But what if I told you that you can have a simple tool that can be easily added to your website or application and then be able to produce interactive reports in real-time on any device you prefer (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.)

That’s why we made such a product to make your analytics easier.

If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios:

  • You need to create nice designed interactive reports based on your collected data instantly
  • You don’t know how to code or don’t want to
  • You don’t have any OLAP cube but you need to pivot your data

WebDataRocks Pivot Table will work for you!


STEP 1. Get Web Reporting Tool for Free 

After downloading, you will get a high-powered and qualitative tool for free. It’s the best option for new projects or startups to make serious data analysis for own business with no risks and obligations. You can actually get to your reporting in 5 minutes after download. No pitfalls!

STEP 2. Embed Web Reporting Tool into Your Webpage

Yes, it’s easy to do and no programming experience is needed. We made this tool to reduce your costs for special development and integration that is often required.

Just put the ready-to-use simple script into your webpage and start your reporting instantly.

STEP 3. Run Your Data in Ready-to-Use UI

Well, now you have a powerful analytics tool with a well-designed interface. Notice, that WebDataRocks is a fully completed and ready-to-use tool that does not require any additional development or improvement. It estimably saves your time and money on its completion. Thus, in one click you get a handy, pleasant-to-use reporting tool with an intuitive UI.

STEP 4. Start Your Reporting!

Despite it’s costless and simple in usage, WebDataRocks is a web reporting tool with enterprise features for real business. It’s enriched with logical functions that will help you to deal with all your data. Powered by features like filtering, sorting, grouping, conditional and number formatting, calculated values, grand totals, subtotals, etc.

You are welcome to use it!

Manage and rock your data in the way your project needs.

Please follow our Quick start tutorial.


How can I get WebDataRocks

To start using WebDataRocks just choose one of three available installation options to get your code. Go for it!

Who created WebDataRocks

WebDataRocks Pivot Grіd is created by true experts and fans of data. We are developers who gathered all our long-term experience (more than 10 years of successful development of Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component) and decided to make life easier for non-IT people. We hope you will find this tool extremely handy!

From Flexmonster, with love.