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Interactive dashboard with Pivot Table & Google Charts

WebDataRocks pivot grid simply integrates with Google Charts. With a ready-to-use wrapper, you can create a dashboard in a few steps! Slice and dice the data, drill through to get a view on different levels of detail – there are no limitations on exploring your data. Revealing rich insights is closer than you think.

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Company Revenue

WebDataRocks web reporting tool can perfectly work with any chart that you decided to use in your project. Please check the detailed guide on how to integrate the pivot table with any charting library.

With interactive features of the WebDataRocks web pivot table and Highcharts, you can create a dashboard and visualize the product performance in real-time, monitor specific metrics of your choice, track business metrics and KPIs.

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Sales by Countries

As a dynamic charting library, Highcharts supports a wide range of chart types like area, bar, pie, geo chart, column, etc. In combination with a free feature-rich pivot grid, you get a particularized report.

The WebDataRocks reporting tool is a flexible and customizable component easily embeddable and can become a part of your application or software. With the wide range of options, you can compose the report according to your analytics needs. WebDataRocks allows you to:

& more.

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